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Republican Cowardice

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When will America do something about the wholesale sellout the Republicans are performing in spite of the mandate they were given in September?

We voted for politicians who promised to repeal the insane medical bill forced down our throat by the Democrats. We voted for politicians who promised to do something about lowering taxes. We voted for politicians who promised to do something about deficit spending.

Do you see the problem? The key word is “politician.” We continue to vote for individuals who will sell their soul to the highest bidder. Or are they selling out to those jaded individuals in the political hierarchy who are teaching them how to “further their career?” The bottom line… we continue to vote for those who constantly fail to complete the tasks given them by the voters who put them into office.

How are we going to find individuals who are more concerned about integrity than career?

The rhetoric from the Republicans is “What are we supposed to do?” I think the voters have already told you what to do. We want you to say “NO!” We want you to break the current system of entitlements. We want you to exterminate the Democrats medical bill. In short, we want you to RAISE HELL in Washington. It really would not be difficult, just do as the voters hoped you would do.

De-fund and repeal the health care bill. De-fund and abolish the prejudicial, left wing National Public Radio. De-fund the American Civil Liberties Union which is using OUR money to sue us and continues to diminish the Constitution.De-fund the National Education Association which forces schools to graduate millions of public school students who don’t know how to read. De-fund the Environmental Protection Agency the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which are driving businesses to foreign countries. De-fund the Czars who literally dictate policy which is destroying us and who should never have come into existence in the first place. Why are the Czars there? Because, as this discussion demonstrates, Congress is LAZY and proving itself to be totally inept.

In shorter terms, de-fund the bureaucrats who are dictating how America should do business while Congress willingly gives away its power to perform the will of the people.

The people get threatened with losses in Social Security and Medicare. Maybe instead of discussing those programs, Congress should be examining the budget on the amount of money given to people who will not work.

We do not need to wait until the next election to do something about these Republican cowards. We need to begin putting a continous pressure on them right now.


Wisconsin Sheds Shackles

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Did you watch MSNBC as State Representative Julie Lassa (D) made her statement that the State Senate circumvented the Democratic process in voting to limit collective bargaining rights for the state’s union workers?

Another Wisconsin State Senator, Coggs (D), says the Republicans “stole democracy.” Senator Peter Barca says the people were cheated and “tomorrow they are going to go to work.”

Senator Mark Miller says the Republicans “took away rights from the people.” It seems the rights of the people would actually be more violated by an elected official who refuses to be available to do the job for which they were elected.

Maybe one of the issues which really needs to be defined is, who is the public, who are the people of Wisconsin? Hopefully there will be a distinction between those who are paying into the public fund in the form of taxes and those who are being paid from the tax fund. Whose rights are of primary concern, the tax payers or the tax receivers?

MSNBC, being who they are, of course supports the Democrats who so cowardly refused to deal with the voting process for over 3 weeks. The only time MSNBC supports anything Constitutional is when someone has subverted it by refusing to perform their electoral processes. The Democrats are being praised for” fighting the rights of the workers.” Where have they been for 3 weeks? Who took away the rights of the people, those who voted or those who were missing? Which workers are they most interested in serving, the workers paying taxes or the workers who are extorting money from the state in their receipt of tax money.

It should be truly interesting to see how the voters in Wisconsin react. Will they actually support the non-performing Democratic Senators? The hope for the state should be that the voters will support those who have decided to do something about an ever expanding, over expensive government.

Will America see past the rhetoric and realize these statements are coming from a batch of Senators who belong to the Democratic Party who deserted the state assembly to avoid voting on the bill? Which is more democratic, to vote on a controversial decision, or to abandon your elected position in a time of crisis? Which set of voters is truly in charge? Is it the voters who are actually paying taxes, or is it the voters who are usurping the money paid into the tax coffers of the state, the state’s union members.

When will America realize that Wisconsin has now shown the courage to do what must be done in every governmental entity, make government smaller.