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The Real Immigration Issue in Congress

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The problem with immigration in CongressCongress seems to be in a deadlock on the current immigration discussion.

The question should not be how to turn law breakers into citizens. The question  should be how to right a wrong.

Now consider this, the wrong that is probably coming into your mind is the wrong wrong. The argument is how to do right to these people who are already here illegally. That is trying to right the wrong wrong.

The real wrong is why were these people allowed to continue here?

So what is Congress doing? They are trying to make something legal that has been illegal for decades.

Why are they contemplating the legalization of illegal acts? One reason is so they can CYA, cover their acts.

Because the personnel in Congress are too weak, too lazy, too inept, too cowardly to have enforced the existing immigration laws, they are in a perplex situation  where they want to ease their conscience for allowing millions upon multiplied millions of law breakers into this country.

What happens when there are millions of people who have the same goal? They put pressure on the system to make changes. So because there are millions upon millions of illegal immigrants who want to be legal, and there are millions of people who are benefiting from the supply of an illegal item, Congress is trying to decide how to cover their buffoonery.

When will America realize that Congressional ineptitude has struck again.



Racism is NOT the Problem

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Today, we had a remembrance of the days of Martin Luther King.

Racism is NOT the problem.. victim mindset is.

Racism vs Mindset

We had people like the Education Secretary Arne Duncan who said “”Too many of our young people left on the sidelines are black and brown and poor…”

There was a whole lot of media coverage, most of it supporting Barack Omama’s efforts to divide the country using the race card. Mr. Obama has said
“Unfortunately, we’ve got politics that sometimes divides instead of bringing people together,”

But it really seems the issues should not be revolving around racism, but why people are not living to their best potential.  Maybe the discussion should be about the mindset that people have a right to their entitlements. They claim to have been discriminated against but they don’t seem to want to make an effort to improve themselves.

Blacks kill blacks by the hundreds, but that isn’t the issue. The illiteracy rate seems to be about 48% among graduating high school students, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

How about some of the activists working on the real issues? When will America stop listening to bags of wind and require a modicum of responsibility from those who present themselves as victims?