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Gun Fools Fire Another Shot

   Posted by: Interceder    in The Constitution

Sometimes we should be asking for the definitions of terms we choose to use, so in this case, according to, “a fool is a person lacking in judgment or prudence.”

Watch this weapon to make sure it
does not get up and kill somebody!

Where are these gun fools going wrong? Their first reaction is to make more gun laws. There are way too many of them who really want to ban guns altogether, but that is to be another post. The foolish thing about this line of thinking is there are already more than enough gun laws and more laws won’t make a difference except in the move toward banning them. The real answer to situations like this maniac in San Diego is to provide more accountability. If the defense for this person is that he had a psychological problem, then someone knew about it before he decided to play his deadly game. Mom and roommates should have told police a long time ago. So then the argument would be the police could have done nothing. If so, then this is the problem that needs to be addressed, not gun laws. The maniac got his guns legally. Apparently, insanity is not a valid part of the back ground check. They could check him til Kingdom come, but who decides when someone is crazy. Do you want your doctor to report to the government that you are taking Valium or some other psychotropic drug?

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