2016 Republican Travesty Coming

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It’s a voting day in America. It’s another opportunity for the Republican establishment to cram their cronies down our throats.

As shown in 2012, John McCain could be one of the worst Presidential candidates in history. When will America realize the Republican Party had pre-chosen, long before 2008, to cram John McCain down our throats as the candidate to run for office. In 2008 there were already rumors that Mitt Romney would be the 2012 candidate. Why was there a primary? History may place Mitt Romney in second place as one of the worst candidates to run for the presidency.

The total amount of money spent on political campaigns was in the hundreds  of millions of dollars. Why doesn’t the Republican party just reveal to us now who the elite has chosen for the 2016 candidate and save everyone a lot of time, money and angst? Or, is the waste of money on political campaigns the way the Republicans intend to continue to stimulate the economy?

There is no longer a separation of values between the Democrats and the Republicans. As long as the Republican party is run by a few elite people, there is no real difference in political philosophy in this country.

Aat this point in time, there is really only one political party running this country. They are separated only in the spelling of the names.

When will America take on the task of better educating themselves on the issues and the candidates.


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