America The Land of the Law Suit

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When will America realize that the people are no longer in control of their destiny?

America has become a country run by bureaucrats and attorneys. In the grab for power, numerous entities have been created in an excuse of protection for the public. To illustrate with two of the largest, there is one thing in common with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA)? They were created to generate an abundance of law suits.

What is the bottom line result of law suits based on government regulation? Higher priced products to the public for everything they buy as companies pass the expense of attorney fees, court costs and fines in the effort to recuperate lost revenue. Who is getting wealthy here? Does America really think these added costs are making the companies fatter?

Has the average American ever considered the money awarded to attorneys in class action suits?

The public has access to more information than at any time in history, yet the government insists on providing more protection. How much tax money (your money) is wasted with salaries, utility costs, office rental for the benefit of the EPA and OSHA? That is only two of the plethora of huge government oversight, interference agencies. When will America realize there is a cost for governmental intrusion?

Meanwhile, are consumer products really better as a result of government regulation, or just more expensive? Would paint really continue to have lead in it except by the grace of the EPA? Is the expense of a lawn mower validated by the safety features mandated by OSHA? Would car manufacturers really not be trying to make more efficient vehicles if the EPA was not creating mandates? How did the government regulations help in the issues now plaguing Toyota automobiles? Is Toyota addressing the issue only because the government is suing them, or does it matter that consumers have stopped buying Toyota? Will the cost of a Toyota remain the same when the lawsuit is completed?

There are three things guaranteed by government regulation.

  • Larger government.
  • Increased cost of goods.
  • Law suits and richer lawyers

From where do law suits originate? When will America decide that lawyers should not be law makers? The current set of politicians and bureaucrats is a revolving door of inefficiency, graft, corruption and self-perpetuating aggrandizement as they create their self-serving legislation. Where do lobbyists originate? “I helped write that law, who could be better at using it?” Who is most likely to propagate a law suit? The very people who write the laws.

Why is the health care legislation 2,000 pages? The more pages, the more opportunity for law suits.

When will America demand that government really does need to get smaller rather than larger? When will America demand that all legislation be limited to 100 pages and written in common language rather than legalese? Could it be possible there would be less waste, less graft, less favoritism and more accountability when there are fewer pieces of paper? When will America decide a law needs to be written that excludes lawyers from running for public office?

What is the punishment for the lemmings who follow Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and Barack Obama in defiance of the American public as they passed the health care bill at a 75% disapproval from the people? When these sycophants are not re-elected they will receive whatever was promised to them behind closed doors for being traitors to their constituents but the really egregious fact is they will also continue to draw their stipend from the very people they cheated, the American taxpayer. How is that justice?


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