An Opportunity for Republicans

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Senator Charles E. Schumer is labeling the Republicans as “extreme” because the Republicans wanted as much as $61 billion in cuts budget cuts while the current number on the table from the Democrats is a mere $33 billion in cuts.

Here is an opportunity for Republicans, if there were just any in Washington who had any guts.

While Shumer calls you “extreme” why don’t you totally embrace that concept and carry it to another degree and say “not extreme enough?”

If only we had some real leaders in Washington. The Republicans just don’t seem to understand why they won their elections. What a terrible pity that they are so willing to turn their backs on America.

Here are some other thoughts on the budget.

1) Since you can’t come to an agreement on the measly $61 billion budget cuts, why don’t you just scrap it altogether and move on to adopt the budget Ryan Paul has suggested for the 2012 fiscal year? It appears that the Ryan Paul proposed budget is at least as developed as the budget the Democrats are trying to force on us now after they have failed to create a budget since 2009.

2) There is really one great thing about the budget stand still. Barak Obama is at least in Washington DC trying to twist arms rather than in the middle east bowing to sheiks or in Brazil promising to buy their oil.

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