Another Wasted Republican

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Ohio Senator Rob Portman has decided to change his position on same-sex marriage. The reason, because his son has “come out of the closet.” So we have another fool who had claimed to be a conservative who has now caved to the political pressure of the homosexual movement because he has personal knowledge.

It is pretty obvious that once someone decides to become a politician, they give up all possibility of maintaining integrity. It seems to be impossible to stand on moral convictions when life begins to show its ugly side.

Let’s take it for granted that if Senator Portman has a relative who is convicted of one too many instances of driving under the influence then he will deem it no longer an immoral act to drive while intoxicated and thus he will offer his influence and campaign to remove all the unfair laws pertaining to DUI.

Having politicians in homosexual relationships seems to be as  popular now as it has been in Hollywood in the near past. This time it is a politician whose family is involved in homosexuality rather a politician who has revealed their “partner.”  Politicians are embracing the “in” life style choice which has dominated Hollywood for years.  You may have been one of the few who noticed a movie or television show can not be produced unless there is a celebration of homosexuality. Let there be no misunderstanding, homosexuals have made themselves more visible for one purpose, political influence.

A slow, painful death has been released. America is under attack and will be defeated by the forces coming against it. The next goal for the homosexuals is an all out enforcement against “hate speech” where anyone who mentions that homosexuality is actually a sin will be more apt to receive the death penalty than someone who has been convicted of murder. The politicians are eager for the legislation so they will have more power to control what can and cannot be said against them. The President, who wishes he was dictator and will not tolerate ANY criticism, probably already has briefs prepared for hate speech as he did on the homosexual marriage issue. Hussein has created a newly protected class of individuals which is based on a chosen lifestyle and what someone is willing to confess about themselves.

Once “hate speech” laws have become the rule of the land the next hurdle will be more laws to control the capabilities of the Internet. As the government gets more intrusive there can be no way it would want to allow any dissident opinions of their policies. The Internet will have to have increased supervision.

When will America decide enough is enough? Is there anybody out there?


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