It seems every election cycle we get a new set of candidates crammed down our throats while there is another set of candidates who seem to actually represent what conservative Americans just might want in the office of President.

The present cycle seems to be no different, if not worse. “THEY” are telling us that only Mitt Romney has a chance to beat Barak Obama in the presidential dual. Meanwhile, Conservatives seem to prefer Rick Santorum.

Maybe… no… probably one reason “THEY” have a preference in who runs for the highest office in the land is because Mitt Romney is in that favored group of the Washington elite, the ‘THEY” who are really being allowed to make far too many decisions.

There is no need to go over the political differences of these 2 candidates. That is not the point here. There are plenty of sources for you to get information on what these men stand for.

The point is we are getting someone crammed down our throat again because ‘THEY” have chosen him, just as “THEY” chose John McCain in 2008. As far as I am concerned, part of the proof is John McCain has endorsed Mitt Romney.

No matter how offensive a candidate is to the conservative, the standard excuse for choosing a nominee seems to be”Is he electable?” And “THEY” continue to use that rhetoric to push their agenda on voters. The really, really pathetic part of the equation is that voters fall for it.

The big question should be… “What are the real differences in Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, besides the fact one has a “D” in front of their name and the other has an “R.” Either of these men are, at best, moderates.

Now, what if the voters stood up to the Washington inside crowd and actually voted their conscience rather than vote the way some political consultant told them. How did these pundits get such power?

If Rick Santorum is unelectable because he is “too conservative,” then Republicans need to let the entire citizenship of the United States make that decision in November. The alternative is the same as that in 2008 when the “in-crowd” told Americans that John McCain was the most electable Republican. Otherwise, it really seems we are just making a choice of whether we want an “R” or a “D” Progressive to continue the downward spiral of this country.

When will America take back the privilege to vote for a candidate based on their actual choice by conscience rather than on the opinion of some pundit?


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