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America is facing some difficult choices. One of the most difficult, but probably one of the most important, is soon to be upon us in choosing the new leader of our country.

There seem to be some issues which should be taken into consideration. If the following statements are true, what are your choices? When will America the importance of these issues?

Based on Saul Alinsky’s
8-steps from democracy to a socialist society.

Barak quoted him often in his book and Hillary did her thesis on Alinsky. Of the 8-levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist State, the first is the most important; 5 OF 8 ARE DONE, AND THE LAST 3 ARE ALMOST THERE!

  1. Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People”
  2. Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if the government is providing everything for them to live.
  3. Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty.
  4. Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a Police State – total local control.
  5. Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income).
  6. Education: Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School.
  7. Religion:Remove faith in God from the Government and Schools.
  8. Class Warfare: Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor. Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor.

When will America see it all come to completion?


Support Internet Radio

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African American: Really Stupid Terminology

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African-American. African-American, African-American. We have had that terminology shoved on us for decades now. Can you define it?

Words mean something, so let’s deal with it. The first word to probably draw your attention was “stupid.” According to

adjective, stupider, stupidest.
  1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
  2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish;senseless:

    a stupid question.
  3. tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane;pointless:

    a stupid party.
  4. annoying or irritating; troublesome:

    Turn off that stupid radio.
  5. in a state of stupor; stupefied:
    stupid from fatigue.
  6. Slang. excellent; terrific.

For the purpose of this writing, I am intending definition number 3, “tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane;pointless:.” (Hey, it’s my post, I get to choose. If you apply one of the other definitions, that is your responsibility, not mine.)

Now the second word of note. defines African–American as:
an American who has African and especially black African ancestors.
So, what have we done with that? Does it really make sense? I maintain it is pointless. I have never heard the term “Europeon-American,” yet we seem to have a whole bunch of them around. I believe there is a group of historical societies which trace the ancestry of the Founding Fathers, but I don’t believe I have ever heard the lineage declared to be “English-Americans.”
In France, do we have “African-French” or would that be a use for the term “African-European?” Even more baffling, since the purpose of the term “African-American” is to make a distinction, then on the African continent do they have “African-Africans” and “White-Africans,” or again, “European-Africans?” 
That seems to demand another question. Why is it not “American-African?” Do “African-Americans” have dual citizenship, one in Africa and one in America? It could make one wonder which is more important to the people who demand this terminology. It could seem that “Africa” is the emphasis of the term yet all of the benefits come from the fact they are Americans..
It is obvious the term “African-American” came from some “politically correct” (: agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people – fool who wants to make themselves feel better. What we really need is a term such as “Politician-American” we would have no doubts about their thought processes, however, we already have a shorter term for this group, that is “liar.”

fool – noun \ˈfül\

  1. : a person who lacks good sense or judgment : a stupid or silly person
  2. : a person who enjoys something very much
  3. : a dessert made with cooked fruit and cream or a thick sauce


Of course we must include a caveat (: an explanation or warning that should be remembered when you are doing or thinking about something – on this discussion because someone will be offended, so if you are offended by the term “African-American” or any other terms in this discussion… get over yourself.
Now, when will America have answers to these questions?


The Trifecta

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Our "Leaders"

Our “Leaders”



These guys are running the country… and we just keep electing them.


The Failure of the Death Penalty

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There was an article in June 5, 2015 Time Magazine on “Execution In America.”

A quote from David J. Burge, Georgia Republican Party, stated “Capital punishment runs counter to core conservative principles of life, fiscal responsibility and limited government.”

It seems this fellow is another of the Republican Party elite who are completely out of touch with all the aspects of “conservative.” The principle of life is that it is precious. The death penalty is a judgement which is determined with a great deal of consternation. This penalty is usually a result of conviction when an individual has deprived someone of their life, these are murderers. When this penalty is declared, it should be administered. 

The argument that the death penalty is fiscally untenable is a lie which should have been dealt with a long time ago. The death penalty is excessively costly because of the corrupt judicial system  Individuals are on death row for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and longer due to unreasonable delays and appeals. Guess what, keeping people on death row for decades is expensive. Fix the appeals process and the expense issue is resolved. However, politicians prefer any type of delay rather than putting an end to waste. 

Contradictory to Burge’s statement, the constant delays in implementing the death sentence result in bigger government, not limited government. More guards, more bureaucrats, equals more government and more expense. The Time Magazine article the Death Row Population is 3,019. That means there are 3,019 individuals we are baby sitting, at substantial daily expense, in the name of political correctness.

The article also discusses the lack of support for the death penalty. There is little doubt that statistic is a result of all the waste and lies perpetuated on the American people in respect to this issue. There is unending media hype on “botched” and “bungled” executions. Maybe the problem to be addressed is that the media and political correctness has not only caused excessive cost but also has made the process entirely too complicated. The term “cruel and unusual” punishment has become a mantra for those whose goal is to abolish a legitimate, judicial penalty. Beheading could truly be construed as “cruel and unusual” and it happens with regularity in the Mid-East. However, the media mentions these atrocities for the intrigue, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a condemnation. 

It really does not seem that David Burge is truly speaking for the true conservatives. When will America decide the Republican establishment has bastardized the party and the leadership needs a total overhaul because they do not want what true conservatives are seeking.


GOP Majority… So What???

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My thinking process is “Republican” as it is “supposed” to be. So they have the power now. What are they going to do with it??

What did they do with it last time?

Did they stop illegal immigration after Reagan gave amnesty? Did they decrease US dependence on foreign oil?

Aside from that… John Boehner – LOSER. Mitch McConnell – LOSER. Cowards. They are already promising no government shut down when that may be the only way to get attention. Neither one has stood up for true conservatism.

Bankers should have gone to jail. GOP protected them.


Our New Government

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A Dictator Needs His FlagAs Obama continues his promise to change America , we get a new glimpse at the latest and most efficient constitutional change.

His announcement today is icing on his cake. He will make new executive orders while Congress is on recess. He is quite comfortable in his Autocracy knowing that Congress is too cowardly to stop his dictates.  Boehner has more than once proved his ineptitude. We can now know beyond doubt why Mr. Obama takes so many trips, vacations and golf games. He has determined there are very short time spans where he needs to show up at the White House. Why would he want to waste his time during the remainder of the year trying to discuss anything at all with Congress?

When will America realize what we are allowing to happen?



It’s Not Trafficking If The Government Is Doing It

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According to Wikipedia, “Human trafficking represents an estimated $31.6 billion of international trade per annum in 2010. Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of transnational criminal organizations.”

Is it too coincidental that the current flood of illegal immigrants is concentrated on teens and pre-teens?

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Jefferson on Religion

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2016 Republican Travesty Coming

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It’s a voting day in America. It’s another opportunity for the Republican establishment to cram their cronies down our throats.

As shown in 2012, John McCain could be one of the worst Presidential candidates in history. When will America realize the Republican Party had pre-chosen, long before 2008, to cram John McCain down our throats as the candidate to run for office. In 2008 there were already rumors that Mitt Romney would be the 2012 candidate. Why was there a primary? History may place Mitt Romney in second place as one of the worst candidates to run for the presidency.

The total amount of money spent on political campaigns was in the hundreds  of millions of dollars. Why doesn’t the Republican party just reveal to us now who the elite has chosen for the 2016 candidate and save everyone a lot of time, money and angst? Or, is the waste of money on political campaigns the way the Republicans intend to continue to stimulate the economy?

There is no longer a separation of values between the Democrats and the Republicans. As long as the Republican party is run by a few elite people, there is no real difference in political philosophy in this country.

Aat this point in time, there is really only one political party running this country. They are separated only in the spelling of the names.

When will America take on the task of better educating themselves on the issues and the candidates.