Is The Present Health Care System Really That Bad?

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The answer to that question could be… maybe. But if health care is controlled more by bureaucrats, how can it get any better>

When will America realize that the biggest problem with the health care system is that the government has an involvment in it. If the people think the system has difficulty now, what are we going to expect when the bureaucrats are in complete control?

The government now attempts to regulate the system by dicatating what will be paid by Medicare, Medicaide, Veteran’s hospitals and Indian clinics. Does anyone in America really believe that these systems are efficient and beneficial to the recipients? Most would agree that complaints are rife. So who is really pushing for the government to be in complete control? Obviously it is…. the government.

Why does government want to be in control? There is only one purpose for the brueaucracy to get bigger… Control. The more the government controls, the more it has potential to control.

Is there even one example of the government running a business efficently and at a profit? The resounding answer is NO. If efficiency has not been realized in any program to date, who, with even a modicum of rationality, would believe that efficiency would suddenly rise up in an endeavor as massive as national health care?

The people need to realize that government needs to become Smaller, not Larger, and those who already have that understanding need to do more to make smaller government become a reality.

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