According to Wikipedia, “Human trafficking represents an estimated $31.6 billion of international trade per annum in 2010. Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest-growing activities of transnational criminal organizations.”

Is it too coincidental that the current flood of illegal immigrants is concentrated on teens and pre-teens?

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Jefferson on Religion

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2016 Republican Travesty Coming

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It’s a voting day in America. It’s another opportunity for the Republican establishment to cram their cronies down our throats.

As shown in 2012, John McCain could be one of the worst Presidential candidates in history. When will America realize the Republican Party had pre-chosen, long before 2008, to cram John McCain down our throats as the candidate to run for office. In 2008 there were already rumors that Mitt Romney would be the 2012 candidate. Why was there a primary? History may place Mitt Romney in second place as one of the worst candidates to run for the presidency.

The total amount of money spent on political campaigns was in the hundreds  of millions of dollars. Why doesn’t the Republican party just reveal to us now who the elite has chosen for the 2016 candidate and save everyone a lot of time, money and angst? Or, is the waste of money on political campaigns the way the Republicans intend to continue to stimulate the economy?

There is no longer a separation of values between the Democrats and the Republicans. As long as the Republican party is run by a few elite people, there is no real difference in political philosophy in this country.

Aat this point in time, there is really only one political party running this country. They are separated only in the spelling of the names.

When will America take on the task of better educating themselves on the issues and the candidates.



Gun Fools Fire Another Shot

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Sometimes we should be asking for the definitions of terms we choose to use, so in this case, according to, “a fool is a person lacking in judgment or prudence.”

Watch this weapon to make sure it
does not get up and kill somebody!

Where are these gun fools going wrong? Their first reaction is to make more gun laws. There are way too many of them who really want to ban guns altogether, but that is to be another post. The foolish thing about this line of thinking is there are already more than enough gun laws and more laws won’t make a difference except in the move toward banning them. The real answer to situations like this maniac in San Diego is to provide more accountability. If the defense for this person is that he had a psychological problem, then someone knew about it before he decided to play his deadly game. Mom and roommates should have told police a long time ago. So then the argument would be the police could have done nothing. If so, then this is the problem that needs to be addressed, not gun laws. The maniac got his guns legally. Apparently, insanity is not a valid part of the back ground check. They could check him til Kingdom come, but who decides when someone is crazy. Do you want your doctor to report to the government that you are taking Valium or some other psychotropic drug?

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The Real Immigration Issue in Congress

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The problem with immigration in CongressCongress seems to be in a deadlock on the current immigration discussion.

The question should not be how to turn law breakers into citizens. The question  should be how to right a wrong.

Now consider this, the wrong that is probably coming into your mind is the wrong wrong. The argument is how to do right to these people who are already here illegally. That is trying to right the wrong wrong.

The real wrong is why were these people allowed to continue here?

So what is Congress doing? They are trying to make something legal that has been illegal for decades.

Why are they contemplating the legalization of illegal acts? One reason is so they can CYA, cover their acts.

Because the personnel in Congress are too weak, too lazy, too inept, too cowardly to have enforced the existing immigration laws, they are in a perplex situation  where they want to ease their conscience for allowing millions upon multiplied millions of law breakers into this country.

What happens when there are millions of people who have the same goal? They put pressure on the system to make changes. So because there are millions upon millions of illegal immigrants who want to be legal, and there are millions of people who are benefiting from the supply of an illegal item, Congress is trying to decide how to cover their buffoonery.

When will America realize that Congressional ineptitude has struck again.



Racism is NOT the Problem

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Today, we had a remembrance of the days of Martin Luther King.

Racism is NOT the problem.. victim mindset is.

Racism vs Mindset

We had people like the Education Secretary Arne Duncan who said “”Too many of our young people left on the sidelines are black and brown and poor…”

There was a whole lot of media coverage, most of it supporting Barack Omama’s efforts to divide the country using the race card. Mr. Obama has said
“Unfortunately, we’ve got politics that sometimes divides instead of bringing people together,”

But it really seems the issues should not be revolving around racism, but why people are not living to their best potential.  Maybe the discussion should be about the mindset that people have a right to their entitlements. They claim to have been discriminated against but they don’t seem to want to make an effort to improve themselves.

Blacks kill blacks by the hundreds, but that isn’t the issue. The illiteracy rate seems to be about 48% among graduating high school students, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

How about some of the activists working on the real issues? When will America stop listening to bags of wind and require a modicum of responsibility from those who present themselves as victims?


Wrongful Activism

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The battle continues for the sanctity of religious freedom and the family, two issues under full attack by the more and more protected class of homosexual activists. The latest sequel of the battle, which should never have achieved its current status, is California’s Proposition 8.

Of the People, By the People, For the People

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Another Wasted Republican

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Ohio Senator Rob Portman has decided to change his position on same-sex marriage. The reason, because his son has “come out of the closet.” So we have another fool who had claimed to be a conservative who has now caved to the political pressure of the homosexual movement because he has personal knowledge.

It is pretty obvious that once someone decides to become a politician, they give up all possibility of maintaining integrity. It seems to be impossible to stand on moral convictions when life begins to show its ugly side.

Let’s take it for granted that if Senator Portman has a relative who is convicted of one too many instances of driving under the influence then he will deem it no longer an immoral act to drive while intoxicated and thus he will offer his influence and campaign to remove all the unfair laws pertaining to DUI.

Having politicians in homosexual relationships seems to be as  popular now as it has been in Hollywood in the near past. This time it is a politician whose family is involved in homosexuality rather a politician who has revealed their “partner.”  Politicians are embracing the “in” life style choice which has dominated Hollywood for years.  You may have been one of the few who noticed a movie or television show can not be produced unless there is a celebration of homosexuality. Let there be no misunderstanding, homosexuals have made themselves more visible for one purpose, political influence.

A slow, painful death has been released. America is under attack and will be defeated by the forces coming against it. The next goal for the homosexuals is an all out enforcement against “hate speech” where anyone who mentions that homosexuality is actually a sin will be more apt to receive the death penalty than someone who has been convicted of murder. The politicians are eager for the legislation so they will have more power to control what can and cannot be said against them. The President, who wishes he was dictator and will not tolerate ANY criticism, probably already has briefs prepared for hate speech as he did on the homosexual marriage issue. Hussein has created a newly protected class of individuals which is based on a chosen lifestyle and what someone is willing to confess about themselves.

Once “hate speech” laws have become the rule of the land the next hurdle will be more laws to control the capabilities of the Internet. As the government gets more intrusive there can be no way it would want to allow any dissident opinions of their policies. The Internet will have to have increased supervision.

When will America decide enough is enough? Is there anybody out there?



Some Perspective on Priorities

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When will America put some perspective into the insanity of mistaken priorities.

Assault RiflesAccording to some published gun facts, the total number of gun deaths in 2011 in the United States was 32,163. And more specifically, the total number of deaths in 2010 caused by “long guns,” which would include the so-called “assault weapon” was 576 (there are no zero’s in that number).

In contrast to all the coverage the news media gives to the gun control crowd, we have another set of numbers.

Baby in the wombIn contrast, the most current information on the number of abortions performed every year is 1.2 MILLION.

To expand on those numbers, the ratio of gun related deaths to abortions is 32,163 to 1,200,000 abortions or 37 abortions to every gun related death. So, for every 1 person in Chicago who is killed with a gun, there are 37 infants killed by abortionists.

(Read this web page also.)

There are 576 “long barrel” deaths to 1,200,000 abortions. So for every person killed by an “assault rifle” there are 208 abortions.

The news media can not get enough coverage of a gun related incident. The more violent the attack and the more people involved the better. Yet have you ever seen media coverage of an abortion procedure. You may find that to be a very violent piece of video. The problem is there is only one victim. Not newsworthy.

One other difference  murder victims receive a burial.  Aborted babies receive a trash can.

Which needs to be controlled.



In Defense of Unborn Children

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To inspire and challenge you in the defense of unborn children

(reposted from

 January 22, 2013

Today, Tuesday, January 22, marks a tragic day in our nation’s history. Forty years ago on this day the Supreme Court decided that preborn children did not have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Indeed, they had no rights whatsoever.

American Family Studios has produced two videos,Aaron and The Award, for crisis pregnancy centers to play for expectant mothers while they are waiting for their pregnancy test results to be completed. At this point, they have a captive audience who is in a state of mind for these powerful videos to impact a decision that will affect the rest of their life.

Please watch The Award, a brand new short film from American Family Studios. When I watched it, I was vividly reminded again that we are in a war for the lives of babies and the souls of their mothers.

As a follow-up, we have included the true story of Gabriel Young. Gabriel shares her personal story of facing the difficult decision to keep her child.

Our hope is that women seeing these short films will indeed know that the life they are carrying inside them is a precious gift from God. We pray they will choose life.

I’ve also included links to two articles that I think are critically important in our battle for the right of unborn children. They only take a few minutes to read, but will leave a lasting impression.