Republican Cowardice

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When will America do something about the wholesale sellout the Republicans are performing in spite of the mandate they were given in September?

We voted for politicians who promised to repeal the insane medical bill forced down our throat by the Democrats. We voted for politicians who promised to do something about lowering taxes. We voted for politicians who promised to do something about deficit spending.

Do you see the problem? The key word is “politician.” We continue to vote for individuals who will sell their soul to the highest bidder. Or are they selling out to those jaded individuals in the political hierarchy who are teaching them how to “further their career?” The bottom line… we continue to vote for those who constantly fail to complete the tasks given them by the voters who put them into office.

How are we going to find individuals who are more concerned about integrity than career?

The rhetoric from the Republicans is “What are we supposed to do?” I think the voters have already told you what to do. We want you to say “NO!” We want you to break the current system of entitlements. We want you to exterminate the Democrats medical bill. In short, we want you to RAISE HELL in Washington. It really would not be difficult, just do as the voters hoped you would do.

De-fund and repeal the health care bill. De-fund and abolish the prejudicial, left wing National Public Radio. De-fund the American Civil Liberties Union which is using OUR money to sue us and continues to diminish the Constitution.De-fund the National Education Association which forces schools to graduate millions of public school students who don’t know how to read. De-fund the Environmental Protection Agency the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which are driving businesses to foreign countries. De-fund the Czars who literally dictate policy which is destroying us and who should never have come into existence in the first place. Why are the Czars there? Because, as this discussion demonstrates, Congress is LAZY and proving itself to be totally inept.

In shorter terms, de-fund the bureaucrats who are dictating how America should do business while Congress willingly gives away its power to perform the will of the people.

The people get threatened with losses in Social Security and Medicare. Maybe instead of discussing those programs, Congress should be examining the budget on the amount of money given to people who will not work.

We do not need to wait until the next election to do something about these Republican cowards. We need to begin putting a continous pressure on them right now.

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