Some Perspective on Priorities

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When will America put some perspective into the insanity of mistaken priorities.

Assault RiflesAccording to some published gun facts, the total number of gun deaths in 2011 in the United States was 32,163. And more specifically, the total number of deaths in 2010 caused by “long guns,” which would include the so-called “assault weapon” was 576 (there are no zero’s in that number).

In contrast to all the coverage the news media gives to the gun control crowd, we have another set of numbers.

Baby in the wombIn contrast, the most current information on the number of abortions performed every year is 1.2 MILLION.

To expand on those numbers, the ratio of gun related deaths to abortions is 32,163 to 1,200,000 abortions or 37 abortions to every gun related death. So, for every 1 person in Chicago who is killed with a gun, there are 37 infants killed by abortionists.

(Read this web page also.)

There are 576 “long barrel” deaths to 1,200,000 abortions. So for every person killed by an “assault rifle” there are 208 abortions.

The news media can not get enough coverage of a gun related incident. The more violent the attack and the more people involved the better. Yet have you ever seen media coverage of an abortion procedure. You may find that to be a very violent piece of video. The problem is there is only one victim. Not newsworthy.

One other difference  murder victims receive a burial.  Aborted babies receive a trash can.

Which needs to be controlled.


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