The Congress That Is Unschooled

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Most of the pundit activity centers around the upcoming election of the President. While it is extremely crucial to make a change in that office for the sake of the United States remaining a viable entity rather than a third world country, there is another factor in the operation of this country which needs to be addressed.

There is currently a group of individuals in Congress who seem to have no capability to perform the functions of the office they hold.

When Obamacare was introduced for vote it was approved by Congress regardless of the fact their constituents overwhelmingly disapproved of it. To confirm their inadequacy, these people actually had the audacity to declare they voted for something they had not even read. As the first order of business, a new Congress should pass a law that no bills will be presented for vote if they exceed 100 pages, or at least some small number that would be a manageable read for the sake of clarity.

First point in qualifications for electing new Representatives to Congress… they do not need to know how to read.

The second issue to consider for presentation of new laws would be that they address only one issue in the process. Why is Obamacare 3000 pages? Because it is going to control the entire U.S. economy from health to housing. Those writing the drafts apparently do not need to know how to write clearly and succinctly.

Second point in qualifications for electing new Representatives to Congress… they do not need to know how to write.

There is much discussion on the fact that Congress seem to be incapable of passing a budget.

Third point in electing new Representatives to Congress… they do not need to have any arithmetic skills.

We keep getting told that to have an electable candidate, they have to have some political experience. The big question is why? A grade school dropout can perform the same functions as the current Congress. In the past, schools taught readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. These are obviously no longer necessities in running our country.

When considering a political office, a candidate presently competes on the basis of how much money they have available. It seems not to matter how nefarious the contributors may be. (George Soros does not make contributions without demanding payback.)

Here is the presentation of a second new law. Repeal all of the current campaign contribution laws and pass one simple law. Any entity can donate as much money as they want to any political office. However, that money will go into a pool of funds which will be distributed to all the candidates running for that office.  With this the pool of individuals would increase who would actually go to Washington to accomplish something.

Has anyone done the numbers on the backgrounds of the current members of Congress? Another, too often, feature of those running for political office is that they have a law or community action background. The new political contribution funds pool may actually allow individuals to run for office who have actually had some real experience with economic conditions (someone who has had a JOB).

So, in addition to all the rhetoric concerning the presidency, do not lose sight of the importance of the election of a new Congress.


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