The NAACP Is Racist.

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Mitt Romney will be speaking before the NAACP today. Will he address the fact that the NAACP is politically incorrect?

When will Mitt Romney, or when will America, ask the NAACP why they have not yet changed their name?

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People should no longer be an acceptable acronym. In the current political climate, the name should be changed to the National Association for the Advancement of African Americans… NAAAA.

Besides the political correctness of the name change there is a benefit that it would be easier for members to pronounce. They could simply follow their natural speech pattern as the sheep they are that follow the liberal agenda.

Although the name change may be appropriate, the concept is flawed. Why do blacks insist on the political correctness of African-American when they do not refer to whites as European-Americans?

As he speaks to the NAAAA the questions Mr. Romney should ask are…

1) When are you going to address the issue of blacks killing blacks every single day? If you want to create an excellent image for the group you are supposed to represent, do something about your crips and bloods. (They do not deserve enough respect for capitalization of the names.)

2) Does the term “projects” produce a particular type of person? Why is that and what are you doing about it? When are you going to encourage people in the projects to pursue the respect of gainful employment rather than anticipating generation after generation of government handouts?

There are other questions to be considered, but if these two questions alone were to be truthfully and meaningfully addressed, American would be a stronger nation.

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